About Us


Langa Safety Patrol is a registered Non-profit organisation that is accredited by the Department of Community.It was establised on the 12 of March 2019 by the community members who committed themselves in working together to reduce the rising levels of crime in the community of Langa.On this day(12/03/2019) there was a community meeting at the Jonhson Ngwevelanga Hall.Where people were addressing all the unsafe and bad conditions they were living under and the crime escalation in the community.

Unemployment,crime,vandalism, housebreaking,car hijacking,rape and robaries..etc, these were some of the issues that was being discussed and it was not easy to make a decision and there were some disagreements between the community members on what to do and what steps should be taken.

Then all the men who were present at the meeting decided to risk their lives and go out to search and locate the criminals so that they can have a talk them which is to give them a warning.From that day these men never stopped, whenever there is an incident of housebreaking or someone has been robbed these men would be called so that they can hunt the criminals.Once they find them they warn them and take them to police station since they have a partnership with the community police station.

This group of men noticed that all of these criminals are young and drug addicts.They then formed a partnership with the Rehabilitation centre that is situated in Athlone.Once they catch the criminals they would take and place them at the Rehab centre with the aim of helping them because when they are there, the drugs will be drained out of their bodies and they will be also offered counselling session.

From these counselling sessions they found out that some of these children are facing poverty and hardships at their homes and they commit crime to support their families because once they hijack a car or rob someone all of the things they get they sell them so that they can have money to buy food for their families.If this is the case, the Langa Safety Patrol will try by all means to find a proper employment for this person or for someone who lives with this person.

Sometimes you find out that others did not even finish school so it is hard to find employment, hence the LSP partnered with the St. Francis Adult Education Centre that is based in Gugulethu where they place these young leaders there so that they can finish the schooling and get a proper education that will help to have a better future.

These Heros as community people call them came up with the solution that benefits both parties because ever since LSP started operating the high rate of crime at the community of Langa has decreased and those who were committing crime are bettering themselves with employment, higher education learning and others are providing service to the community.

Our Mission

We as LSP exists because we bring positive and good change to our community where everyone can benefit.We do communal visits to the indentified hotspots of the community.We promote and hold peace making meetings between the rival teenage community gangs.We grow and build trust within the community.We organise soccer tournaments for our youth and train them to ride bicycle in our bicycle hub and we have here at Langa.We organise all these sports tournaments to keep our youth safe, busy and away from drugs and being involved in gangsterism.

We better and improve the lives of our people by providing them with social, creative and innovate skills that will help them to grow and develop personally and intellectually.The is a big gap between the local police and the community and we as LSP we bridge that gap.We provide a second opportunity to our people to reform from distractive social behaviour.We creating an environment where community members can live, feel free to work, trade, learn and play in Langa without the fear of becoming a victim of crime.

Our Vision

Our vision is that of a caring society that is focused on trust and respect in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality life.We also want to build a mutual benefiting and unending relationship with all local businesses in Langa and their strategic partners to create a safer business environment.

Our Objective

Our objectives is to get rid violence in our streets and fight crime through various interventions which is : To increase public participation in the prevention and detection of crime,to promote good citizenship and great public awareness through neighbourhood and home watch.We will assit in increasing community safety and reduce the fear of crime.We will implement the diversion programs to youth/students who are at risk,minimince the incidence of preventable crime.

It is our objective to foster respect and pride for our neighbourhood and also to become community problem solvers not complainers.We want to be the change agents and be the change we want to see in our community.We will deter criminal activities by increasing the probability of apprehension.We will co-create a stronger sense of community across all the sectors/residence and we will also foster partnership with all the relevant stake holders.

Sneak Peak Gallery

These are some of our photos that we have captured while we serving our community.