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What Do We Do

We do store protection, employment opportunities,second chance schooling, watch outside ATMs for any robberies,rehabilitations placement,sport tournament organizing.

Store protection

When someone wants to open a store in the location, they can seek our help by asking for patrol around the store when not and still operating. We do that at both the Pick n Pay stores as these days they are also being robbered even during the day so that is were we come in to protect the owner and the customer's safety.Our aim is for every entrepreneur that has a desire to start a new business to feel safe in the community because we all know starting a business is a big risk to any entrepreneur so we wouldn't want him/her to feel like opening it here in Langa is the biggest risk.As humans we have all the right to dream big about how you want your future to be so we wouldn't want these thugs that have nothing to do during the day and night to be the cause of not acting.

Employment opportunities

We are working closely with the City of Cape Town so when ever there is work opportunities coming up, we are basically one of the first team that gets notified then we reach that out to the community as a whole to apply.Also those thugs that we have found committed some crime like robbery, we work closely with the family members of that person and try to find out his/her background by trying to find the main reason he/she committed the crime in the first place because in most cases it is usually because they want to put something on the table.If then that is the case we draft them a CV and try by all means to find him/her employment or even if there is no work in meantime we find them anything that will put food on the table than leave them to continue doing these crime.

Outside ATMs watch

Most of our ATMs are at an open space here in the location were there is no securities around the area so people get smuggled most of the time especially on the busy days when people get payed.Our aim is mostly to protect our community members from those hence we by all means take turns to watch over those ATMs and even help the elders that can't draw money.These guys mostly target the days of pension grants as they know the elders are a easy target as they even queue at very early mornings for their money.We do a 24hour guard around all of the outside banks for security.

Rehabilitation & schooling

We work very closely with the rehabilitation institution that is based in Athlone and the school St Francis school that is based in Gugulethu location.We place the criminals who are drug addicts in the rehab centre that is situated at Athlone.The reason behind that is for them to get proper emotional help through conselling sessions and getting the drugs out of their systems.You sometimes find out that some of these kids did not finish school, we then take them to the finishing school called St Francis that is based in Gugulethu.Where they are being equipped and gain proper basic education.

Tournament organizing

We have noticed that most of these crimes of robberies and small gangs etc are being done by children that are still at school, some doing their first years at universities or some just finished schooling so have nothing to keep themselves busy with.We came up with this organizing of sport for after school and weekends for them seeing that they surely have nothing to do after school and during weekends hence they end up doing all the wrong things.The sport is to keep them busy, stay healthy and who knows maybe some may take it as a career in the future. With them being kept busy at all times and days, it is very rare for them to be involved in wrong doing or smoking.